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Good day, thanks for visiting! I am starting this digital journal, albeit after over 35 years of the existence of the internet; after 3 years of owning this domain and after several discarded drafts of thoughts similar to this one. However, on my 33rd birthday, I am tired of being an unintentional part of the garbage dump called the internet. Tired of consuming hyperbolic patterns of out of context click-baits which are rarely helpful in the long run and mostly just helps pass some time.

This is the biggest disclaimer that I will state before I even start: I am trying my best to document concepts and principles, I am not defining formulas to navigate life situations. In the different sections of this journal, when you find anecdotes of situations and some subsequent choices, try to identify the concepts and principles at play and focus on them. Focusing on the concepts and principles will enable learning in its true form, which is uncommon in the information economy.

I was born on the 4th of April 1987, in Calcutta (now known as Kolkata), India. Calcutta used to be a muddled mess of diverse and mutually disagreeing ideologies; which co-existed in perfect harmony united by intellectual visionaries like Satyajit Ray, Rabindranath Tagore, Michael Madhusudan Dutta and their contemporaries for our previous generation; and Anjan Dutta, Sunil Gangopadhyay, Rupam Islam, Chandril Bhattacharya and their contemporaries for the borderline millennial and digital natives like us. The reason for referencing artists, poets and songwriters is the very fact that the remnants of culture are encapsulated by art more than history. Who knows what is more important?! My gut feeling is that the art forms prevail beyond the other genres of information. At least that was the case until the internet was discovered.

Now perhaps the internet and technology has levelled the playing field and allowed people to access information like and enabled more creativity, and I would agree to an extent. However, based on what I have observed over the last 14 years of working with technology, is the fact that the information economy(like almost every other economy)at scale is detrimental to fostering an environment that enables creative geniuses. Constraints, limitations, challenges and trials are more likely to unlock innovation. The information economy is becoming an impediment to solving problems for two reasons, mainly. First off, the entire internet ecosystem has created this economy where our attentions are being commoditized to sell us commodity! Second, all the formulas of using the internet to make a living depend on optimizing content to be at the top of the list of search results.

Broadly, there are 4 utilities of the internet for humans.

  1. We use tools, software and services for business or personal use
  2. We search for information to prove our intellectual superiority
  3. We snoop on people’s lives and see the highlights they share to feel alive
  4. We try to buy and sell and exchange value whether it’s products for money or privacy for clout!

The utility of the internet has been eroding a rapid pace and I don’t know if it will ever be as useful as it once was. We will get a lot more Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Kardashian type of “artists”; but the probability of another Freddie Mercury or Satyajit Ray is low. All hope is not lost though, it’s just that it will take a miracle. :)

Anyway, what makes me want to put my stuff on this internet I am no longer so fond of?

I am trying to do something for myself. I am not trying to follow a system to gain clout. I intend to document concepts and principles contextual to my spiritual, interpersonal and professional life. Writing these thoughts down will push me to think and take my positions, considering multiple options and somewhat liberate me. Concepts and principles are good reminders of the important stuff. So here I go trying to write about some things about my life on the internet!

What am I writing about?

Things ongoing in my life. Professionally, I have worked in 9 companies including a few failed startups over the past 14 years. I have observed a lot of organizational patterns and practices. Worked with different technologies and experienced a broad spectrum of outcomes. All of this while being fruitful and multiplying in my life, learning lessons of parenting pets and babies. Travelled a bit and moved with my family to a new country. In the past 10 years, I have lived in over 10 addresses. Taken some risks, made a bunch of mistakes, failed a substantial amount, suffered and being subject to grace and mercy! This is also an effort to maintain a repository of the experiences as a reminder to practice gratitude, develop a deeper understanding and wisdom.

I have defined 3 main categories to organize the information. New In Canada is about experiences immigrating and settling in Canada, Meta Product is all about Product Management concepts and my technology experiences, The Delighted Mind is my intentional pursuit of the understanding and discernment of The Holy Truth according to God’s word. It is unfair to draw such boundaries and box up the information because my being comprises these and more. However, this is the way it works.

Fun fact: a quantum computing bit also known as QBit can hold the value of 0 and 1 at the same time (coherent superposition) and has some awesome metaphysical properties (entanglement) which can improve computational efficiencies. However, if we try to measure the value also known as the standard basis measurement at a point in time it is a 0 or a 1 with a probability and coherence is lost! That’s the amazing dichotomy of universal existence and it should make you think.

My Why: To: empower my family with timeless concepts and principles, so that we can live our lives with joy and purpose always.

In case if some of my friends read these stories and come forward to offer contextual advice, guidance etc. that’s a bonus. If this effort ends up helping one person take a step in the right direction, whatever that may look like then all of this is worth way more than what I have in my head. Let’s get to it then! Mazel tov!


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