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Concepts for future reference

It’s 2020, the information economy has messed it all up. If you have not noticed yet, it takes longer to search for answers on the internet than asking someone with experience. I am saturated with ideas in just 33 years of being on planet earth! This is just a way of keeping some record of the key areas of interest in my life for future reference.

To be clear...

The key areas for me are immutable truth, human behaviour, product innovation, conflicting ideas, and repeating patterns.

If that is a bit too abstract or generic, here are some clues. My professional life involves product thinking in tech. We are a family of 6 living beings which includes my wife Kyrie, our son Boaz, daughter Zipporah, and our two pet dogs Giffy and Max. If it is not clear from our children’s names we are a Christian household. This multi modal journal encompasses all of the above!

Current Projects

So that I don’t confuse anyone including myself, I have defined 3 broad areas to classify my current logs. This also allows me to define a structure of concepts to maintain order in the site

Settlement in Canada
New In Canada

Product & Innovation
Meta Product

The Delighted Mind